Live painting by Maily Nguyen and Younes Mohammadi aka, video installation by Vincent Carter, live DJ set by collectives NIHIL & Heische with Reiner Gausling, Menzel and Moritz Solo. The video of the event was filmed in Berlin, Mitte at Le Magasin – the co-retail experience.


SENSUS believes that art can flourish and develop in new ways when artists create new works in collaborative mediums. In this video the artists paint to the sounds they hear, while the DJs create music based on the different methods the artists use while painting. With each stroke of the brush, with each vinyl mixed the artists create unique synergistic experiences.




Maily Nguyen

Maily, a Berlin-based artist of Vietnamese descent, describes her style as a mix-media combination of bright color pastels. Oil, acrylic
and collages on paper, canvas or textile are just some of the materials she uses for her pieces. Demonstrating the diverse techniques in each
exhibition, every artwork proves to be unique.


Younes Mohammadi aka Mashad.Art 

Younes Mohammadi has been painting since his early childhood, shaping the person he is now through talent and passion. Born in Berlin to a refugee father from Iran and a German mother, Younes has always protected his art from external influences. From an exhibition at the Bonnefanten Museum for fine art in Maastricht to his own private galleries in Berlin, Younes strives as an upcoming artist and curator.


Nihil Collective

Formed in 2015, NIHIL collective stands for a non-discriminatory, community-based, open minded platform for people to come together and enjoy themselves. It strives as a complete non-commercial, underground platform for DJs to express themselves through their events.   For several years NIHIL has hosted multiple parties in Berlin clubs such as About Blank, Mensch Meier and housed a residency with their own floor and bar at Fernwerk. The collective’s main style consists of techno music with ambient and minimal influences, though each DJ has their own unique style distinguishing them one another. 




Formed in 2018 by a group of friends, Heische seeks to create deep, almost seductive soundscapes that captivate in their playful and reduced interconnections while mixing various influences with sonic and organic grooves. Heische dives deep into the micro-house and minimal stratospheres. Heische artists have performed in clubs such as: about blank, Sisyphos, Zur Klappe, Ipse, Johnny Küppel.



Vincent A. Carter

Vincent Carter, a digital artist from Berlin, first got involved with design when he started studying architecture. Gaining experience in many spatial projects, he began moving his work in the direction of digital art. Vincent currently studies visual communication at the Berlin University of the Arts and has been active in a broad spectrum of creative outlets from digital art, graphic design to scenography and animated film.   



Le Magasin

The co-retail experience by Valise  Benefiting from an existing infrastructure, exposure to foot-traffic, curated events and an inspiring space managed by the Valise Creative Consultancy, the concept of Le Magasin is to help brands overcome obstacles when entering new markets.

Le Magasin presents a selection of labels focusing on lifestyle, design, fashion or craft spirits – celebrating dynamic brands from Europe and beyond.