31.07.2021 – 01.08.2021 


                 – Press talks 

                 – Art exhibition 

                 – Live DJ-Sets 

                 – Video installations 

                 – Sub-bass installation



Berlin based art platform SENSUS is collaborating with Elio Events for a group exhibition at history-charged Kühlhaus Berlin, located at Luckenwalder Str. 3, 10963. The event will take place in the Kubus room with each of the three floors specially curated to meet the event’s concept: Asymmetry. On every floor artworks are showcased from different artists with each piece, each collection differing from one another in various ways, creating an asymmetrical effect. Instead of having your conventional art exhibition, SENSUS has chosen to mix things up by grouping specific artforms to create a juxtaposition that draws in the visitor and keeps one hooked. The ground floor will feature interactive art from Cornelius Perino, sculptures from Paul Battenberg-Cartwright as well as digital art installations by Vincent A. Carter and film art by Gio. Ozan Polat and Catherine Mamani Valles show their photography collections alongside a sub-bass sound installation by Stefanie Egedy on the second floor. The last level is used by Mailey Nguyen and Younes Mohammadi aka Mashad.Art who invited fellow creatives to share their projects under the umbrella of SENSUS.

Kühlhaus Berlin 

Kühlhaus Berlin is a cultural landmark, and a unique example of pre-war industrial architecture. Today, it is an event location. A place of energy, a dynamic place, a place that moves with the heartbeat of the city and constantly reinvents itself. It offers a multitude of unique and extraordinary rooms and architectural situations on a space of more than five thousand square meters. Kühlhaus Berlin has been changing and evolving constantly since the nineties, when it was first established as an event space and art gallery and since then has become a listed building. Today, many years later, the work is ongoing and the Kühlhaus team strives to improve the house and its services constantly.



Elio events is a platform that hosts and promotes fashion, art and music events. They value sustainability and awareness which always revolves around the concepts of their events. Through the cultural scene, Elio seeks to change the average perspective of life to create a healthier and safer environment for all.



Cornelius Perino 

Born in Hamburg in 1958, the image and object constructor Cornelius Perino has lived and worked as a visual artist, musician and performer in Berlin for 30 years. Perino constructs his objects and images with a visionary fury that finds its way unrestrained into his work. The most conceivably diverse materials and techniques come together abruptly, with enormous aesthetic force. But the artist does not stop there. He sets his vision of the changeable work of art against the tendency towards rigidity of our time. The viewer has the possibility to play with the works via sensors or manually and to change them visually. Surfaces can be shifted, rotating roller segments constantly produce new image variations and slowly descending washers on threaded rods compose symphonies of sound. As a restless wanderer through the media worlds of the art world, Perino’s creative output is always full of surprises.


Maily Nguyen 

Maily, a Berlin-based artist of Vietnamese descent, describes her style as a mix-media combination of bright color pastels. Oil, acrylic and collages on paper, canvas or textile are just some of the materials she uses for her pieces. Demonstrating the diverse techniques in each exhibition, every artwork proves to be unique. At the Sensus X Elio Art Fair at Kühlhaus Berlin, Maily curates her own area to exhibit her artworks while inviting fashion designer Diana König, photographer Catherine Mamani Valles and model Maureen Berend to present their recent joint  project “Isolation”. Catherine Mamani Valles Cartherine uses photography as her medium of expression.She mainly uses photo series to depict thought  and feeling processes that are often staged in nature. It is particularly important to her that looking at the pictures arouses feelings that induce reflection.


Diana Koenig 

Prospective fashion designer who lives in Berlin. Diana finds her inspiration through Berlin city, the lifestyle and the people. She wants to make a difference ithrough fashion by going against the fast fashion industry and by criticizing the pollution caused by the incoming environment. Diana works a lot with recycled material and gives it a new life.


Anna Streidl

Anna is a Berlin based photographer who was born in Augsburg. Her work is based on her emotional identity. She seeks to abstract and rearrange patterns that she finds in her environment. Besides her digital work, her focus is on analogue photography but can’t be restricted to onl the photographic process only. She describes her style as a mixture of dreamlike elements and surrealistic influences.


Younes Mohammadi 

Younes Mohammadi has been painting since his early child- hood, shaping the person he is now through talent and passion. Born in Berlin to a refugee father from Iran and a German mother, Younes has always protected his art from external influences. From an exhibition at the Bonnefanten Museum for fine art in Maastricht to his own private galleries in Berlin, Younes strives as an upcoming artist and curator.


Stefanie Egedy 

Stefanie Egedy is a sound worker that operates as an artist, whose practice evolves around sound. Her motto is sub-bass, bass sounds, subwoofers, and their capacity to reveal themselves as present in a space. Exploring human and architectural bodies, the interactions and potential for new creations are of greatest interest. Besieged by this scenario, Stefanie articulates the cross- over between sonorous and musical language to investigate communication between beings. Stefanie Egedy works with field recordings, electronic and daily material sounds. Alongside Simon Fernandes, she runs the label COISAS QUE MATAM (THINGS THAT KILL), researches the relations between light and sound with Camille Laurent, and is the Project Manager at MONOM, Berlin’s Center for Spatial Sound.


Vincent A. Carter 

Vincent Carter, a digital artist from Berlin, first got involved with design when he started studying architecture. Gaining experience in many spatial projects, he began moving his work in the direction of digital art. Vincent currently studies visual communication at the Berlin University of the Arts and has been active in a broad spectrum of creative outlets from digital art, graphic design to scenography and animated film.


Ozan Polat 

Street art Photographer. born and raised in Berlin, Germany. A young student, studying civil engineering, Ozan discovered his passion for photography during the first covid-19 lockdown in Berlin. He started with taking pictures of the “awkward emptiness” of the city and through that, his view on photography changed into a more pure form, toying with the light, dark and the different shades of grey in between. Following the mindset of „Photography and Art should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.“


Paul Battenberg-Cartwright 

Anchored in myth, Paul Battenberg-Cartwright’s practice of rituals conjures notions of duality and tension, be that through a taut relationship between a sculpture and it’s user or through performative acts carried out by the artist himself. His exploration of the ancestral, culminating in a wide range of works from Conceptual performance theory, drawing, painting and sculpture challenge the lines between known truths and constructed histories that influence the human experience. Pushing the boundaries between comfortable observation and active participation, new life is brought to natural materials and forms, whilst his works as part of the Battenberg-Cartwright collaboration celebrate the spiritual duality of opposing genders. In his work, the body becomes a vessel. To express, to be put to work, to be confronted. Opposing states are pitched against each other to draw out a dance of energies, and historical and mythological sources that inform the artist’s practice are drawn upon to translate this energy into object. Having obtained his Masters degree from the University of the Arts London in 2013, Cornish-born artist Paul Battenberg-Cartwright currently lives and works in Berlin.  For this exhibition with Sensus Berlin he exhibits a series of sculptures drawing upon notions of rituals and transcendency through  the use of objects, inspired by the myths and legends of his homeland.



My works are media to express feelings and fantasies. I love to be on the road with my camera and capture moments that fascinate me. Sometimes I let myself glide and other times I know exactly which photo I will take. With my work I want to show my audience certain moments and places of life in their beauty and authenticity. I find something interesting and admirable in all things.
My intense involvement with film and photography began after I graduated from high school. In the south of France I started to earn money with surf photography and afterwards I started to shoot music videos in Berlin. Meanwhile I study film in Berlin and work on various projects with audiovisual media.


Catherine Mamani Valles