SENSUS BERLIN – a Berlin-based artist platform – will officially launch from 5 to 6 September at MONOM

SENSUS will feature its LIGHT and DARK series with artist Carla Chan in the MONOM Studio in collaboration with 4DSOUND spatial sound designer William Russell who will compose an original piece. To further explore the Studio’s LIGHT and DARK experience, curator Georgie Pope has meddled with juxtapositions in the Silent Room

and MONOM Gallery presenting works by Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, Isabella Fürnkäs, Yolandé Gouws, Hannah Hallermann and collaborative group George Jasper Stone, Suzannah Pettigrew & cktrl.

SENSUS is an experiential, disruptive platform where curated artists are positioned in a new setting exposing their works alongside the hidden potential of sensory priming. SENSUS seeks to create multidisciplinary events and engage with various audiences to experiencethe new with each of our five senses – what we see, smell, hear, taste and even feel in the environment. SENSUS events exhibit immersive, interactive

and even site specific installations combined with music and entertainment. The event consists of 3 main parts:

MONOM Studio – Video installation by Carla Chan, custom sound by William Russell Silent Room & MONOM Gallery – exhibition with Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, Isabella Fürnkas, Yolandé Gouws,

Hannah Hallermann + CGI film collaboration by George Jasper Stone, Suzannah Pettigrew & cktrl MONOM Lounge – Live from Earth late night performance featuring Kev Koko, Bauernfeind and Elias Asisi and

daily performances by Taube b2b Young Steven, Reiner Gausling b2b Menzelwashington b2b Moritz Solo, DJ inowshari, Taube Live, No Moniker, Neon, Borisbeckenbrecher